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Understanding and Supporting Teens with Anxiety

Thursday, December 17 at 11 am EST

Presented by: Dr. Kate Cik

Anxiety is something that millions of people struggle with on a daily basis, and teenagers are no exception. By some estimates, nearly one in three teenagers have a diagnosable anxiety disorder. Yet many people feel isolated and alone with their experience of anxiety; it can feel like a subject that is off-limits and is often overlooked by parents and friends until it has reached a crisis level. 

Dr. Kate Cik, author of Anxiety: The Ultimate Teen Guide, will provide professionals working with Jewish teens a foundation of understanding anxiety, its signs, symptoms, and ways that we can support teens in our community. She will share personal stories from teens, research in the field, and strategies based on her years of work.

This webinar is live and participatory for JTEEN members. The Zoom link will be provided a two days prior to the webinar. It will be recorded and posted as well. Join TODAY to support the work the we do and enjoy all of the benefits of membership!

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Click the 'virtual programs' image to enjoy this webinar recording that features lots of ideas for teen programming in a virtual environment. It also has some suggestions for  virtual end of year celebrations and recognition...especially for seniors!
And, click here to access the master document of ideas!

CLICK HERE to view our recorded conversation about Jewish teen programming, learning, and engagement in response to the COVID-19 virus, facilitated by our friend and JTEEN member Dr. Betsy Stone. On this webinar you will hear from all kinds of Jewish professionals working with Jewish teens. We are happy to share all ideas, resources, and contact emails in the chatbox document as well. Just email ericanhruby@jteenprofessionals.org to request it.

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